Everest Advies


The motto of Everest Advice is ‘excellence in financial reporting’. If you want to boost the quality of your external reporting or have your audit process evaluated, Everest Advice is the right choice. As from 1 October 2010, Everest Advice started its activities as an independent consultant in reporting and auditing. After 25 years with KPMG (of which 9 years as a partner), Gert-Peter den Hollander RA focuses with Everest Advice on 2 types of clients: large or listed companies and medium-sized audit firms.

Everest Advice advises companies on external reporting, and the implementation of financial reporting standards (IFRS and Title 9) and related regulations such as the Transparency Directive and the Corporate Governance Code. Everest Advice can support your IFRS conversion project. Our expertise and experience will make your reporting more professional, concrete and to the point and in accordance with relevant regulations.

For medium-sized and small audit firms, Everest Advice may act as an Independent Quality Reviewer or Pre Issuance Reviewer, in situations where this role needs to be fulfilled by an external (independent) party. We can also act as a sounding board on complicated technical reporting or audit issues.